Lucía Jaramillo

Born in Pereira in 1942. Bachelor of the Colegio Sagrado Corazòn Campohermoso. Manizales. Sacred Heart West Hill. London. High Proficiency English Language. Cambridge University. Business Accounting. London Chamber of Commerce. Langue et Civilization Français. University of Friborg. Switzerland. Scuola d’Arte e Cultura del Sacro Cuore Trinità dei Monti, Rome.

Co-founder and First Director of the Ballet de Colombia Corporation, the Coffee Cultural Fund, the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University Broadcaster and the Fundación Fondo Filantrópico ATA. She abandoned her life as an artist and executive 24 years ago to dedicate herself to ornithological research. Since then and in the company of her husband Jaime Olarte and some of their children, Luís Germen Olarte and Claudia and Mónica Trujillo Jaramillo, she has worked at the ATA Foundation, a private institution whose objectives are exclusively related to the study and conservation of Colombian values, both in the cultural and natural fields.

The Foundation’s flagship theme is BIRDS, as sowers of life par excellence. They are also THE BIRDS, the main objective of Lucía Jaramillo’s cameras. Its lens has captured, in freedom, throughout the width and length of the Colombian geography, about 1,300 species, of the 1820 that exist in Colombia. His photographs, the result of thousands of hours of fieldwork, are internationally recognized but above all, they are the essence of the Foundation’s publications that produces massive educational material in order to publicize the wealth that surrounds us and create awareness necessary to preserve them. Lucía is an active member of the Audubon Society, Museum of Natural History of New York, New York Academy of Sciences, Smithsonian Institute, Asociación Colombiana de Ornitología ACO, Sociedad Antioquena de Ornitología SAO, Asociación Bogotana de Ornitología ABO, Asociación Ornitológica del Atlántico ORNIAT, Ornithological Association of Meta KOTSALA and the Association of Artists and Composers of Colombia ACIMPRO.
Author of the following works:
“Thirteen Dances of Colombia, their Costumes and his Music “,” Birds of Colombia: Let them fly! “,” Green Colombia and its Birds “Volumes I and II,” My name is CURRUCUTU, Megascops choliba “,” Tropical Birds “,” Tropical Aces “,” Tribute to the Colombian Nature “,” Notebook for the History of Cartago Viejo today Pereira 1535-1930 “,” The Country of Birds, Colombia “, And many other essays, scripts, posters, phonograms, DVD, CD, Videos etc., all inspired by his great passion: COLOMBIA.