Towards San José del Palmar, Chocó

In a hidden corner in the foothills of Cerro de Tatamá, we find these wonderful birds, some of them endemic. This condition makes it have some of the highest bird records in the entire country.

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Planes of San Rafael

A wonderful place to observe nature, birds and botanical species of humid forest on the eastern slope of Cerro de Tatamá at about 2,100 m. It is 1 hour and 45 minutes from Pereira on the road that leads to the municipality of Santuario.

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An Exit to the Quindio River

Torrent Ducks (Merganetta armata) are frequent in the river. There are 12 couples in a 7 km journey in front of the El Cairo house, entering the Cocora Valley.

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Otún Quimbaya

A visit to La Suiza. Otún-Quimbaya Flora and Fauna Sanctuary in Pereira A few days ago we were in the Park in the company of Jaime Andrés Suarez and Silvia Castaño.

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Selva Alta

An excursion to the Cuchilla de San Juan One of the strongest climbs took place at the site known as La Selva Alta, entering the Cuchilla via Belén de Umbría, Risaralda, to photograph a lek of Gallitos de Roca.

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To enjoy nature, specially to watch birds. Also, some places to stay.